Reiki level 1

Reiki level 1 is all about being attuned to this stream of healing energy, Reiki level 1 Universal Life Energy, and also how to actually sense the energy, how to bring it through after you've been attuned to it, and how to give it to others. That's what it's all about.

Distance Reiki Symbol
Reiki Love - How to Use Reiki to .......

Reiki is a simple and safe practice that can be used to improve your relationships and deepen your connection with others. Reiki love is AN offshoot of the original Reiki principles, which were developed

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Reiki Healing Energy
How to manifest someone ...

Are you ready for a super powerful, I mean, crazy powerful method? That shows you how to manifest someone to text you or to call you or to email you using the Law of Attraction. This really works. Hi everyone.

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Reiki level 2

Reiki level 2 is about healing practitioners. You've got to be qualified to to be a Reiki practitioner.  Some countries even Reiki practitioners qualified once and are not allowed in the United States.

Reiki Master