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Reiki 2
healing energy

You've probably heard of the term energy healing  before, but may wonder what the heck it even means or how you can use energy healing effectively in  your own life. One thing is certain energy healing is an extremely powerful way to heal yourself,  heal others, and heal the planet itself. Also....

Reiki 1
Distance Reiki Symbol

The first symbol, the power symbol, magnifies Reiki like a magnifying glass magnifies the sun's energy. We can use this symbol when you want to instantaneously allow Reiki to occur. So if we have some pain or ache in our knee or in our elbow we can apply this symbol and the Reiki distance healing energy will follow.

Reiki 3
chakra crystals

Chakra is usually associated with consciousness, bliss, oneness, spirituality, beliefs, and understanding. If your crown chakra is balanced, you will feel feelings of universal love and feel like you have a strong faith with spirit. You're feeling aware and like you have an understanding of your spirituality and your place in the world.

Practice Reiki and find your inner peace

This is a light meditation practice requiring some visualization of the cho ku rei symbol. So if it's not committed to memory Keep the symbol close by so you can regularly look at it. Spend a few moments taking some deep breaths and close your eyes.

I invite you to visualize cho ku rei in your mind's eye and practice drawing it. Start at the top left draw a horizontal line across to the right now draw a line straight down. Now comes the fun part Go, right start drawing a decreasing circle until you have looped three times each loop getting smaller and smaller.

Now your symbol is complete. Say its name cho ku rei. Let's do that again Starting top left Draw across then down and heading right? make three decreasing spiral shapes One more time Top left to right straight down then spiral to the right, one, two, three Cho ku rei.

 follow The Path of the healer

So much has been discussed about reiki healing in today's world of integrated health care. But there's still some confusion about what reiki really is

Everything in the universe is energy, everything, including emotions. When we have emotions, we can have emotional blocks that we hold onto, and that can affect that pure life-force energy. So reiki is about helping to release those blocks.

It helps with stress reduction, it helps with relaxation, it helps our body to heal, it helps us center at the end of the day, also it helps us to prepare for the day ahead, and all the stresses and anxieties that can come up.