About Karn

Karn-1I was introduced to Reiki several years ago when a migraine I was experiencing was not responding to over-the-counter pain medicine. (I had never even where to buy antabuse online heard of Reiki before then.) During the treatment, the energy went right to the source of the stress, and loosened up some major emotional blockages I was not consciously aware of. In the days and months following my initial sessions, I started opening up to my own intuition and insight that I’d shut myself off from. Three years later, in 2007, I attended a Reiki 1 class. My original intent was to mainly offer my services to family, close friends, my pets and houseplants. Working with this wonderful modality for several months, however, changed all that. After seeing the positive effects this energy can have, and experiencing the shifts in my life towards balance and peace, I knew I needed to offer my services to all who are open to it.

Being open to this energy and clearing out my own clutter also opened up my ability to communicate with animals. After experiencing several informal conversations with a variety of creatures, I decided to pursue animal communication professionally as well. I often combine communication and Reiki for animals in the same session, as both techniques work well together.

http://thetravelingharmonica.com/japan-obscureobservations-part-1/ Training and affiliations:
Animal Reiki Core Class Certificate of Completion – 2011
Reiki Master/Teacher Certification (Usui lineage) – 2013
Animal Communication Certificate of Achievement – 2013
Back Chakra Activation Certificate of Completion – 2014
Affiliate Member of the International Center for Reiki Training since 2013

Phone: 303-249-1021