About Reiki

cheap modafinil australia So, what is Reiki?
Reiki (pronounced RAY-key) is essentially universal, or spirit-guided, life-force energy directed by one individual to another through therapeutic touch. This natural healing modality assists with restoring the flow of energy throughout the physical and energetic bodies. While the Usui system of Reiki that I practice is more modern, it is believed that the Tibetan Buddhist Monks have been practicing Reiki for about 2500 years. While many practitioners consider this modality to be a spiritual practice, one does not need to have any particular religious or spiritual beliefs to experience the benefits of Reiki.

Check Out Your URL How can it help?
One of the by-products of our modern society is, unfortunately, chronic stress. When we experience prolonged stress, we go from being in a state of balance and resilience to a state of coping, and our ability to heal becomes compromised. Because Reiki is a synergistic modality that uses energy to bring us back to a relaxed state, it can assist in healing on the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual/intuitive levels. It can bring clarity to challenging situations, and help us move through life with more peace. It also helps us to remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. And because Reiki is safe and effective, it is a wonderful complement to traditional Western medicine, as well as other alternative modalities.

Consider Reiki to assist with:
• Relaxation and well-being
• Cancer and the side effects of chemotherapy
• Fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders
• Migraines or other chronic headaches
• Sport or other injuries
• Anxiety
• Fatigue
• Pre- and post-surgery
• Feeling “stuck”
• Insomnia
• Cuts, scrapes and burns
• Removing creative blocks
• Reducing stress
• Self-Acceptance
• Increasing insight and intuition
• Integrating body, mind, emotions and spirit
• Recovery after a heart event
• Bereavement

What is a session like?
A treatment starts with you lying on a massage table, or seated in a chair. You remain fully clothed, so dress comfortably. We will use a short meditation technique to help you relax. I then place my hands in a series of positions either lightly on your body, or just above your body, according to your preference, and I start the flow of energy. Depending on the issues being addressed, a treatment can last from about 25 minutes to one hour.

A session for your pet takes place in their environment, whether it’s in your home or stable, or in a shelter or vet clinic. The animal is allowed to move freely, and decide how much energy they want to accept. They are also given the choice of a hands-on or hands-off treatment. Reiki for animals can offer the same benefits as for people. It can help them recover faster from medical procedures, as well as help clear out emotional trauma they may have experienced in a previous home.

Distance sessions are also available for situations where an in-person session might not be practical. For example, if the intended recipient is comatose, incarcerated, or living out of state. With this method, I tune in to the person (or animal) and ask permission to offer Reiki to them. Most of the time this energy is gladly accepted.

Reiki in Hospitals
Medical practitioners are increasingly seeing the benefits of offering Reiki treatments as a standard part of hospital care. As of 2007, according to the American Hospital Association, 15%, or more than 800 of U.S. hospitals have added this modality to the services they offer their patients. The results of a study conducted at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, show that Reiki reduced pain by 78%, reduced nausea by 80%, improved patient sleep by 86%, and reduced anxiety during pregnancy by 94%. Some patients also experience faster healing, and find that a lower dose of pain medications works just as effectively.

Disclaimers and other important stuff:
I am legally and ethically required to make the following disclaimers. Reiki is not intended to be a replacement for medical care. Nor am I suggesting you go to your medicine cabinet and throw away your prescriptions. Continue to see your doctor as you see fit. Reiki is a wonderful complement to Western medicine, as well as other alternative modalities.

While people have reported miraculous healing events during or after a Reiki session, ethics prevent me from making any guarantees as to the outcome. What each client experiences is as unique as the individual.

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