How to manifest someone to text you

How to manifest someone to text you

Are you ready for a super powerful, I mean, crazy powerful method? That shows you how to manifest someone to text you or to call you or to email you using the Law of Attraction. This really works. Hi everyone. Bruna here. And today we are soaring high, like a big, beautiful Eagle. And we’re flying in the direction of your dreams and goals. We believe you deserve the money you desire, the love you crave and the health and happiness that you depend upon. So when you love somebody, when you crave somebody, when you want to hear from somebody.

And you’re just aching inside, this may be the method you want to use because it’s super powerful. It’s a little meditation. And rather than actually doing the meditation. I’m just going to describe the steps you need to take. If you’ll do this step I promise you will get incredible results. Now here’s just a handful of people. A handful of people that have received incredible results. And actually received the text message that they wanted to receive from somebody specific. Using one of our other methods that we have on our site.  

How to get started

I want you to think of this one thought. This is so important. If they can do it so can you. If they can get the text message from a specific person, from someone they love. From someone they care about or from someone they want to hear from. If they can do it so can you. I want that thought to permeate your mind because that’s the truth. The next thought I want you to have is that this is going to be easy. You see sometimes people will say to me. Well Bruna, we got in a terrible fight and he blocked me and I can’t get ahold of him. He’s never going to talk to me.

I promise you, Bruna. There’s nothing we can do. And I go, wait a minute. That’s a belief. That’s not a fact its your belief. Change the belief. And the reality changes. That’s how the Law of Attraction works. And so the person will change their belief. And then guess what happens? I get a text at 11 o’clock at night or at midnight. I got one at two in the morning. And guess what? Bruna, he texted me. Bruna. She texted me. I’m so excited.  

How to Manifest someone to text you and Staying Positive

I can’t believe it. We’re going to talk tomorrow. Ah, it’s a good feeling. It’s a good feeling to feel love. It’s a great feeling. When love comes together, when all the ego stuff gets out of the way and somebody picks up the phone and call someone else or text them. Okay? So it does not matter what your circumstances are or the reason that they blocked you. They’re going to text you and maybe they didn’t block you at all. Maybe they’re just not in communication. Maybe they’re ghosting you.   But that is fine because It doesn’t matter. Spiritual beings Say it with me. It doesn’t matter. Post it down below. It doesn’t matter. Okay?  

How Does This Work

First thing you must do if you want to know How to manifest someone to text you. Are you ready? Here’s the formula and I want you to write it down. You must suspend your disbelief. For example if you walk into a movie theater and you see Spiderman flying through the sky? You don’t say to yourself wow people can’t do that. You suspend your disbelief and you go with it. Spiderman can fly with a spiderweb, right? So you suspend your disbelief and don’t even question it. I want you to do that now. Just like walking into a movie theater simply suspend your disbelief. Next find a nice chair because I don’t want you lying down. I want you to sitting down.

Now calm your mind and do the fourfold breath. It’s what they call box breathing. In through the nose and hold it for four seconds out through the mouth. Let it go for four seconds and remain empty. And then back in through your nose. I’d like you to do this for a minimum of about two minutes. Now you don’t need to time yourself just until your body starts to feel relaxed and calm, calm, and relaxed. It’s a good feeling. Now you’re sitting down, you’re relaxed. You’re doing the fourfold breath. Here’s your next step. Your next step is to be still to be calm, but bring your mind into a state of certainty. Remember we talked about suspending your disbelief.

How To Suspend Disbelief

Be absolutely certain that the phone call or text message that you desire. It’s already happening. It’s already on its way. Now in your mind pick up your phone and see the name of the person in your mind’s eye. If you can’t see it in your mind you’re not good at visualizing yet. You want to just simply know that it’s there. And kind of visualize that you’re holding your phone and you see the name of the person. Now, as you see the name of the person I want you to feel excited. I want you to feel energy like, Oh, wow. Whoever it is see their name and get excited. Now feel the phone vibrate or hear a noise in your mind. See the text coming through. There’s a text message. You can see it coming through on your phone. Feel it and be excited about it.

And now before you answer, bring your phone, your invisible phone in between your hands. Like so I am grateful to infinite source energy to the universe for this phone call for this text message for this email, I am absolutely grateful. And now open your eyes and let it go.   The final step is to not think about it and get up. Get up off your chair and do something exciting. Do something fun. Go out and go for a run. Do some yoga, go hiking, go for a bike ride, but get your mind off of it. Let it go and let it flow. It’s happening. You’re gonna receive the text message that you desire from a specific person.  



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