Reiki Level

Reiki Level

Hello friends welcome today I want to talk about the three Reiki level. Primarily Reiki level one which is about self healing and learning to experience the energies for yourself. Going through your healing process to get yourself fit and ready to go on to Reiki 2 potentially if you want to. With Reiki one you can’t charge for healing others. You can now heal your family and friends for free. And pets if you want. If you want to heal our plant you can heal that because it has life force in it. So anything anything with a life force you can put healing in. You can also heal water, it doesn’t actually heal the water but there is microscopic life in it that can be healed .

Mostly it’s about locking energy into the water so that when you have that drink of water it just flushes through your digestive system with healing energy. So that’s quite a good thing to do and I always heal my water before clients come here. So it flushes out the toxins and different things so it’s always good to do.


Reiki Level One

To give them a Reiki healing and that’s important isn’t it so so Reiki one as I say that’s the first level of Reiki it was split down into three levels to make it easier to learn originally it was just one level but they split it down in Japan into into three levels so Reiki one is primarily about self healing. And getting yourself fit and ready you know. If you want to move on to Reiki 2 or just want to be in a happier situation of yourself you must master Reiki level one. You can stay at Reiki one you don’t have to take Reiki

Reiki Level Two

Reiki 2 is about healing practitioners. You’ve got to be qualified to to be a Reiki practitioner.  Some countries even Reiki practitioners qualified once and are not allowed in the United States. There are a great deal of places you are not allowed to put your  hands on a client. Your also not allowed to do hands-on healing which is the most powerful way of healing without a license.

Reiki 2 is very important because you can show your clients that you’re qualified. And have been given appropriate training to heal them. You can get insurance now if you’re not qualified you can’t get liability insurance or malpractice insurance.

Level 2 Reiki  is all about learning to heal others. I don’t think everybody needs to be a Reiki Master level 2 is good enough for many. A Reiki Master has a higher ability to channel healing. You’ve got to have the devotion dedication to put the effort in to become a master.

Reiki Master

The ability to learn deeper meditation techniques to learn how to get more in touch with your spirit and yourself. 

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