Services & Fees

selsun shampoo uk grant All sessions are by appointment only.

handle arimidex uk Reiki sessions:
Reiki sessions take place in my office at VAST Wellness Center. If travel to my office would not be practical, I also offer distance healing sessions for the same price. This option allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home, and my experience has been that distance healing can be quite effective. I do, however, recommend scheduling a session with me in the office, as the space is quiet with very minimal if any distractions.

60 minute session – $65.00
90 minute session – $80.00

montair lc price tail Reiki tune-ups – 30 minutes: $45.00
Reiki tune-ups are for clients who have had at least one in-person session with me before, and are being treated for specific or chronic issues or just need a quick re-balancing session. Sessions are in my office at VAST Wellness Center. Please note: conditions that are chronic may require more than one session to get to the root of the cause, and assist with restoring balance. simulate Back-chakra activation – one hour: $65.00
Back-chakra activation sessions are for those who have had at least two in-person Reiki sessions with me before, and are ready for a deeper healing experience. This method assists with bringing physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues out of the unconscious and into awareness. This session takes place in my office at VAST Wellness Center.

secure deltasone price Services for animals:
Animal Reiki and communication are services I provide for our non-human friends. Our furry (and scaly and many-legged) companions experience the same emotions and stresses that we experience. And often, they will take on our stress and develop physical illnesses as a result. If you are noticing behavior or health issues with your pet, an animal communication and/or Reiki session can be very beneficial. I have had the privilege of working with horses, dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, insects, arachnids, birds and fish. Animals are amazing creatures, and they absorb the energy very quickly.

special info Animal Reiki – one hour: $65.00
Animal Reiki sessions take place in their environment (your home, barn, aquarium, etc.) as this is less stressful for them. A session for an animal is much like a session for a person. Your pet has a choice of whether they wish to have a hands-on session, or a hands off session. Depending on the animal’s temperament, the entire session might be hands-off. This technique can be just as effective as a hands-on session. Animal Communication – length varies: $50.00
Animal Communication sessions are offered from a distance. IE, your pet is allowed to remain in their environment, and I tune in to them from my home or other quiet location. I may receive information right away, or I may receive information over a period of a few days. It is much like having a conversation with the person sitting next to you, or over the telephone. If your pet is experiencing health issues, I will also tune in to see if I can pick up what is going on physically.

Please note that I only accept cash and checks at this time, payable to Karn Crysdale. Fees for in-person sessions are due at the time of the appointment. Fees for distance sessions are due in advance. A mailing address for your payment will be provided upon booking. I apologize if this causes you any inconvenience. I will be adding an online payment service soon. In the meantime, for your security please do NOT send me your credit card information by email.
Phone: 303-249-1021